Transparent Kiteboard – Aroona KTR

transparent kiteboardFor 15 years, since kitesurfing became famous, we saw all sorts of designs and models of boards, even the last 2-3 years we see foil-kite more often, but we have really dreamed to try an absolutely transparent board (see Makboard Clear Snowbaord). This is already a fact, made for Aroona KTR, only pads and straps are not transparent.
If you ride such a kiteboard, the feeling will be like without board, the only disadvantage would be if you ride in rough seas with big waves – once you miss it, it would be very difficult to find it.

Whether the board characteristics are good or not, we do not know, but it’s definitely very effective and we surely want to try it. 😉

Video: The Aroona KTR Clear Board in action

2 thoughts on “Transparent Kiteboard – Aroona KTR

  1. Hello, I saw the AROONA KTR and would like to know if I am able to purchase one.
    I live in Maui, Hawaii and would love to show it off to the world as we get visitors from every country. I am a IKO instructor with Action Sports Maui.
    I can be reached at 1-702-239-1397 HST

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