SUP Hydro Foil – This is the future!

For nearly ten years hydrofoil conquered almost all surf sports, first walked through the surf, Laird Hamilton is one of the legends in this sport who spent a lot of time on this innovation and filmed many videos riding big waves with surf-hydrofoil. Then the hydrofoil and passed through kiteboarding – many kiters fans of cross-race have followed the new fashion, also many hydrofoil competitions have been organized already. Some even try freestyle tricks and megaloops, but for us it seems like jumping with a wardrobe ;), everyone chooses what gives him more adrenaline, though. A few months ago we saw the first attempts of windsurf foil, but at the end of last week we saw something very different: Naish’s paddle hydrofoil. It’s soooo different and impressive like seeing the hoverboard of Lexus, but on water.

sup hydro foil

In the video you will see how the 6-time world champion Padle Kai Lenny Downwind SUP Hydro Foiling super elegantly and as if with no gravity moves above the water with innovative Padleboard foil of Naish. To stand above the water the new foil paddle-board does not need very large waves, making it very attractive for all fans! We expect in the near future this to be a top seller in stores for surf equipment, at a reasonable price of course.

Watch full video:

Transparent Kiteboard – Aroona KTR

transparent kiteboardFor 15 years, since kitesurfing became famous, we saw all sorts of designs and models of boards, even the last 2-3 years we see foil-kite more often, but we have really dreamed to try an absolutely transparent board (see Makboard Clear Snowbaord). This is already a fact, made for Aroona KTR, only pads and straps are not transparent.
If you ride such a kiteboard, the feeling will be like without board, the only disadvantage would be if you ride in rough seas with big waves – once you miss it, it would be very difficult to find it.

Whether the board characteristics are good or not, we do not know, but it’s definitely very effective and we surely want to try it. 😉

Video: The Aroona KTR Clear Board in action

JP Universal Nose Protector

Made of EVA, the JP NOSE PROTECTOR UNI is a very light yet strong protection. It is easy to handle as it is simply glued to the nose. The set consists of 5 pieces: 2 side parts (one Left and one Right), and 3 connections in sizes Small, Medium and Large. By combining the two sides with the appropriate connection at the front, noses of almost all standard board sizes and shapes can be covered efficiently. This makes it an universal protector not only for JP boards but for all boards available on the market.

CONSTRUCTION: Top-, Middle- and Bottom Layer
The hard top plastic prevents scratches and spreads the load to the middle layer consisting of high density EVA, further disperses the energy to the soft, low density EVA Bottom Layer which absorbs the load.

a. Prepare the materials:
– Adhesive (glue): Contact glue (e.g. Pattex Classic), Epoxy based 2K glues (e.g. UHU plus), Super Glue (e.g. Loctite), or any water prove and UV-stable power adhesives (read the instruction of the glue carefully to ensure it works)
– Tape
– Pencil
– Squeegee
– Sandpaper (80-100)
– Protective gloves
– Cleaning material

b. How to choose the right size of the front part: The nose protector shall be positioned as close to the outline (rail) of the board as possible. Therefore the biggest fitting connection shall be used. Due to the soft material and the flexible construction, the left and right part can be adjusted by bending them into the right position (parallel along the outline
of the board) Mark the right position of the protector on the board with a pencil.

c. How to fix the Nose Protector on a windsurfing board:
Glue the left, right part and connection together, and wait until the glue is dry! The surface of board and protector shall be dry and free of any oil and dust. Clean with standard commercial substances (e.g. white spirit) and sand the surfaces if necessary. Read and follow the instruction of the used adhesive carefully. Apply the adhesive in the marked area and if requested as well onto the nose protector (e.g. with  Pattex). Put the Nose Protector into position (start from the nose) and press firmly. Fix it firmly with tape until the glue is totally dry. Remove the tape.


Airsup RRD 2012 – available now!

RRD AirSup 2012

The first ever RRD inflatable SUP board. Designed and built to be used everywhere, by anyone. Great new improvement on the design of the two PVC skins and the inner cores, you can inflate the board up to 18 psi ( 1,2 bars) making the boards really nice and stiff.
A great new board technology that will make a big impact on the future of our sports.
–  Inflatable cross linked deck and bottom structure with HD PVC taped rails.
–  The new inflating technolgy that allows to use a high pressure up to 1,1 bars.
–  The stiffest/strongest inflatable structure ever built.
Equipped with a carrying bag, hi pressure special pump and repair kit. Elastic rope for drybag on the nose, tail leash ring, middle carry handle, nose towing ring.

Available size: 10’2″ x 32 x 4’1/2″ – 180Lts