Kitesurfing Challenge 2016 at Gokceada

volkite challenge 3

Last week the third Kitesurf Challenge on Gokceada island, Turkey, organized from Volkite Kitesurf Scool, took place.
The short video shot during the laps competition start on the East side of the island was kindly granted at our disposal from Stanislav Mateev.

King of the Air 2016 – Red Bull in Cape Town

A few days ago finished the long-awaited kitesurfing race of Red Bull in Cape Town KingOfTheAir 2016. Wind was not brutal and there weren’t any amazing jumps high above 22-24m, but having in mind these conditions, it was a perfect race, there were fantastic jumps with megaloop, KGB, back mobe, handle pass, board off …

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull

Here is the prize list:
1. Aaron Hadllow – north kiteboarding, ion (this is his second trophy KingOfTheAir)
2. Kevin Langeree – naish, o’neill (2014 winner)
3. Jesse Richman – skycatch, naish (who won in 2013)

© Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull

Video highlight from RedBull – KingOfTheAir:

Enjoy this action clip from the Red Bull King of the Air full of epic kiteboarding!

The final day of Red Bull King of the Air 2016 – ON DEMAND

Super Slide at Cable Park – Waco Texas

Every day may not be windy enough and with big waves for practicing our favorite water sports surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing, but that’s why they’ve invented cable wake parks, where all day can be incredible pleasure.
A great summer mood for the upcoming holiday will bring you the video from Royal Flush in the amazing place for fun in the summer heat BSR Cable Park @ Waco | Texas, music is from ODESZA “Memories That You Call“.
SurfPM wishes you very windy days. 😉

Chapter One – The biggest kitesurf movie in history

pro kitesurf riders

We saw a few really good kitesurfing movies like F-One Antandroy during the last years, also some unique short movies like Calibrate, Aspire Kiteboarding & Revolve with Aaron Hadlow but it was never done a full length movie with so many kitesurfing stars all together: Kevin Langeree, Keahi De Aboitiz, Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon, Robby Naish, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, Jalou Langeree, Bruna Kajiya …

kitesurf mega jump board off

The project is named ChapterOne (this full-length movie shot in 4K) and it is launched in kickstarter. The budget needed for the realization is 100,000 $. The collected money up to the moment is 44,970 $. Everyone who is willing to help is more than welcome.
More info about the project “Chapter One” and what you will receive for your money you can get on the website: Kickstarter.

The North Evo 2012

The North Evo 2012 is a 5 strut-low aspect-delta-style kite and is targeted as an all around kite. TKB testers commented that Evo is super stable, it has medium bar pressure, and is unbelievable easy to relaunch.They also reported medium turning speed, great low end power, and very good jumping performance. This is a very easy and fun kite to fly and a lot of riders will be able to immediatly feel comfortable on. The Evo uses the North 4 line trust bar which is very similar to the same bar North has been using for a few seasons. It features a push-away quick release , below bar swivel, above bar depower cleat, adjustable stopper, and is adjustable to accomodate different kite sizes
Evo 2012


Alex Pastor spending winter days in Tarifa !!!

Alex Pastor (2010 and 2011 Vice World Kitesurfing Champiom) Suit Days at Home

Shot in Tarifa during 3 days in this winter.
He usually travels somewhere warm during the off season but but this year he decided he would give his home spot a try. He was surprised with good conditions. Up tp him it was definitely a really good choice.