RedBull Snow-Kiteboarding Ragnarok 2016

Most kites gathered at one place can be seen only in RedBull Ragnarok (Hardangervidda Norway) competition. Last week more than 350 competitors participated and for two days they nominated  the King and Queen of snow kiteboarding. Best time for the 5-lap distance was 4.30h and from all the snowkite riders only 22 managed to pass the final line.
Prize places in RedBull 2016 are for:

red bull ragnarok

RedBull photo by Hakon Maeland

Ski Woman
1. Bridge Steph
2. Ringvold Camilla
3. Georguieva Eugenia

Snowboard Woman
1. Mayrand Marie-Eve
2. Nore Marit
3. Jungo Manuela

Ski Men
1. Gruber Florian
2. Kaupang Bjorn
3. Kersten Felix

Snowboard Man
1. Martel Peter
2. Gehrer Reinhold
3. Barker Josh

RedBull snowkiteboarding

RedBull photo by Daniel Tengs

350 kites in the sky is surely an impressive view!

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RRD Religion MK6 2016 – Synonymous of WAVE

kitesurfing durankolak november

Over the weekend storm hit our coast with very strong wind, ideal for kitesurf and windsurfing. Extremely warm for November, with temperatures up to 23-24s, sunny and very nice, weather was perfect for riding and testing some new 2016 model from the kites that arrived in SurfPM.
We took with us the new RRD kite for 2016: Religion MK6 (official video Religion – synonymous of WAVE) 8m, and to make a comparison, we took also two older models from 2014-15.
In Durankolak everything was perfect + lots of sun, only the wind was very variable – from 14k to 34knts. We drove both days for several hours, but with such big gusts we cannot yet say what RRD Religion 2016 is better with than the previous models. The plus we saw immediately was the bag, made of waterproof material and designed so that you could be put it on the car seat – a perfect option for going straight home with the neoprene, without changing clothes in cold weather.
Hopefully we’d again have the opportunity for kitesurf tests before Christmas.

kitesurf duran

The North Evo 2012

The North Evo 2012 is a 5 strut-low aspect-delta-style kite and is targeted as an all around kite. TKB testers commented that Evo is super stable, it has medium bar pressure, and is unbelievable easy to relaunch.They also reported medium turning speed, great low end power, and very good jumping performance. This is a very easy and fun kite to fly and a lot of riders will be able to immediatly feel comfortable on. The Evo uses the North 4 line trust bar which is very similar to the same bar North has been using for a few seasons. It features a push-away quick release , below bar swivel, above bar depower cleat, adjustable stopper, and is adjustable to accomodate different kite sizes
Evo 2012