We opened our new, much larger SurfPM equipment store

aaron hadlow surfpmLast week we opened our new, even bigger kite& widnsurf equipment store, the new address is Bulevard “Stefan Stambolov” (next to Technopolis), Burgas.

Time was not with us, it was raining almost ​the whole​ day on Saturday, but that did not prevent the presence of many people who like kite and windsurfing, among the guests were representatives of RRD and Prolimit. The special guest at the ​​inauguration was the 5-time world kitesurfing champion Aaron Hadlow – North Kiteboarding (wikipedia biography).
On Sunday, the day began with sunshine, and by midday the wind grew stronger, Aaron Hadlow made a long session with his North Vegas 13 and showed some very nice kite surfing tricks and numerous h​andle​-passes. From Aaron Hadlow’s stay in our town, we understood that he is quite modest for a star of his rank, and very friendly to all his fans who came from all over the country to see him.
In the coming weeks we hope to get an interview from Aaron Hadlow for SurfPM.

aaron hadlow at burgas 2017

You can also buy surf products of Core Kiteboarding, Cabrinha and Carved Customs from our Surfpm online store.

kite legend aaron hadlow signsurf kids burgas 2017aaron hadlow at surfpm storesurfpm aaron hadlow burgas 2017redbull party burgas 2017surfpm storeredbull aaron hadlow 2017aaron hadlow kites

ION NeilPride Prolimit and RRD – Wetsuits for cold weather

The days are getting colder and colder. For those who chilly temperatures of air and water are not an abstacle for practicing their favorite extreme water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing – in SurfPM online store we have reduced prices almost double of most surf wetsuits.
Wetsuit neoprenes models for cold weather are of brands like NeilPride, Prolimit and Ion:

rrd ion neilpride wetsuits

Ion Wetsuit – Onyx Semidry Front Zip 5/4 DL 2013 Men 46/XS 299.99€ NOW – 149.99€
Ion Wetsuit – Strike Semidry 4,5 DL 2013 Men 46/XS 429.00€ NOW – 169.99€
Ion Wetsuit – Fuse Drysuit 4/3 DL 2015 Men – 52/L 699.99€ NOW – 489.99€
RRD Wetsuit – Celsius Chest Zip 5/3 2013 Men 98/MT 349.00€ NOW – 169.99€
NP Wetsuit – Origin SD 5/3 2013 Men 52/L 269.00€ NOW – 189.99€
Prolimit Wetsuit – Global Steamer Mesh 5/3 Men 217.00€ NOW – 109.99€

If you also don’t have boots, we recommend Ion Ballistic 6/5 boots – a few months ago we wrote about them on our blog.
Ion Ballistic 6/5 are really incredibly warm boots! Personally tested by our team in the cold February weather of 2015 with temperatures of air and water not more than 5-7⁰
Hurry, because the number of surf wetsuits in SurfPM warehouse is sensibly decreasing.

Used kiteboards and kites from SurfPM

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for equipment, now’s the time to buy second-hand boards and kites in good shape, models 2014-15 prices from 200-300€ from SurfPM.
Naish – Torch, Dub / RRD Passon MKVI, Emotion MKI, Passion / North Kiteboarding – Dice, Rebel, Vegas / Ocean Rodeo – Mako freeride / Cabrinha – Prodigy, Trigger.

used kites second hand

Camlıca Kitesurf Challenge II 2015

kitesurf challenge 2015We show you some exclusive photographs taken on the eastern cape of the island of Gokceada during this year’s kitesurfing competition Camlıca Kitesurf Challenge II 2015. We didn’t have participant from SurfPM in the race, but even so we did the only photos from the downwind start. The view was really impressive!
More than 60 kite competitors took part in the ride . The conditions were: the participants to have a twin-tipe kiteboards, climbing up to the nose, then downwind to the southern spot, then run a few kilometers with the entire kite equipment, then again entering the water from the wave-spot, riding to the first buoy and then finish in front of Volkite Kitesurfing School.
More information about the Camlıca Kitesurf Challenge II competition can be found on the Facebook page of the school.

volkite spot

camlica kitesurfkite raceisland gokceadakitesurfing competitionkitesurfingnorth vegas 2014gokceada nature

More photos coming soon @KSVarna

Alexander Bachev – Formula Kite European Championships

This weekend took place a kitesurf competition The Delta Board Meeting organized by TheKiteBar @ Riverview Park – Pittsburg/California and our kite-pride from SurfPM team Zhecho Mavrodinov finished at the prestigious 5th place in BIG AIR discipline.

But more important news is that our other compatriot and great young rider Alexander Bachev ranked third among the very large competition in the discipline course-race on Formula Kite European Championships – 2015 U21, which took place in June in Bozcaada, Turkey. :)​

2015 Formula Kitesurf Europeans- Results

100KM of crazy snowkiting @ Ragnarok

One of the biggest event in the kitesurfing (snowkiting) world started yesterday. It may not be the biggest but it is definitely the one with the most competitors.
The snowkite event Ragnarok (Fate of the Gods) will be organized by Red Bull in the period 9th-12th of April in Haugastøl, Norway. More than 300 competitors will participate, they will push their limits and endurance trying to beat the hard conditions in Norway where the winter in still not gone.

Photo by Sebastian Marko

More info, photos and videos from the kitesurf competition you can find on the website: RedBull-Ragnarok.

Virgin is the main sponsor of the World Kiteboarding Championships

The best thing in the kitesurfing world has happened. One of the biggest fans of that extreme water sport sir Richard Branson finished the negotiations with the association of the profetional kitesurf competitors PKRA last week. They signed contract for sponsorship.

The contract can be for 5,10 and more years. This will definitely help our favorite sport to become more popular and desired. Because of Richard Branson and the way he guides his companies “Virgin Atlantic Airbus”, ”Virgin Mobile”, ‘Virgin Interactive” and ”Virgin Galactic” we can really expect big boom in kitesurfing industry – more competitions, bigger audience on the beach and in front of the Tv’s, bigger prize funds, kitesurfing equipment producers: RRD, Cabrinha, Best Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding, Shinn, Nobile, Ocean Rodeo, Naish, Liquid Force … will aim to have more and better models and in general the sport will grow faster. After that strong support by Richard Branson to PKRA, it can be only a dream but the kitesurfing sport can get in to the Olympics for real this time and not only with the discipline Course Race but also with the freestyle discipline in favor of the bigger audience interest.

Dakhla 2015 - photo courtesy of Hugo Valente

World contest schedule 2015 Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

Dakhla Kitesurfing World Championships
Dakhla, Morocco – 23 to 29 March

Leucate Kitesurfing World Championships
Leucate, France – 18 to 26 April

Egypt Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned – Egypt 1 to 31 May

Cabarete Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Dominican Republic 1 to 30 June

Costa Brava Junior Kitesurfing Cup
Costa Brava, Spain 26 Jun to 2 July

Tarifa Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Spain 1 to 31 July

Fuerteventura Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Spain 1 to 31 July

St. Peter Ording Kitesurfing World Championships
St. Peter Ording, Germany 21 to 30 August

Brazil Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Brazil 1 to 30 September

Argentina Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Argentina 1 to 31 October

Hainan Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned China 1 to 30 November

Cape Town Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned South Africa 1 to 31 December

The new website of Prokitetour is vkwc.com – Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

Ion Ballistic – The best kitesurf boots

best boots ballisticI practice kitesurfing for about 15 years now. The reason I didn’t do kitesurfing during the winter months was the cold temperature of the water. I tried boots from different brands during the years but my feet were always cold. I solved the problem this year after I bought for myself Ion Ballistic 6/5 @SurfPM.
I tested them 3 times in the sea with average temperature of the water 3-4C, air 6-7C. It was the first time when my feet were warm after I finished my sessions in the cold water. The boots Ion Ballistic 6/5 are really nice, they fit to my feet extremely good, my feet do not slip inside the boots and the most important thing for me and people with cold extremities of the body, my feet are always warm. It makes my kitesurf sessions in cold water much pleasant.

happy customer: S. A.