King of The Air – 48 Hour call!

The Yellow Light has Been Given for Red Bull King of The Air!
The Riders: Luke McGillewie, Ruben Lenten, Alexandre Neto, Tom Hebert, Aaron Hadlow, Antonin Rangin, Nico Etienne, Sam Light, Kevin Langeree, Johnno Scholte, Joshua Emanuel, Lewis Crathern, Lasse Walker, Kevin De Smidt, Tieme Tietveld, Sam Medysky, Billy Parker, Jerrie Van De Kop, Andries Fourie, Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Gianni Aragno and Teven Akkersdijk.

kite surfing king of the air


La Tribu – Kitesurf Center, Gokceada, Turkey

Kitesurf center La Tribu is located on the turkish island Gokceada.
It is open from the end of May until middle of september.

The Kitesurf Center offers:

Kitesurfing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students
– Renting equipment
– Professional kite repair (kites, bars, lines, harnesses and boards)
– Storage
– Wi-Fi

The North Evo 2012

The North Evo 2012 is a 5 strut-low aspect-delta-style kite and is targeted as an all around kite. TKB testers commented that Evo is super stable, it has medium bar pressure, and is unbelievable easy to relaunch.They also reported medium turning speed, great low end power, and very good jumping performance. This is a very easy and fun kite to fly and a lot of riders will be able to immediatly feel comfortable on. The Evo uses the North 4 line trust bar which is very similar to the same bar North has been using for a few seasons. It features a push-away quick release , below bar swivel, above bar depower cleat, adjustable stopper, and is adjustable to accomodate different kite sizes
Evo 2012


Alex Pastor spending winter days in Tarifa !!!

Alex Pastor (2010 and 2011 Vice World Kitesurfing Champiom) Suit Days at Home

Shot in Tarifa during 3 days in this winter.
He usually travels somewhere warm during the off season but but this year he decided he would give his home spot a try. He was surprised with good conditions. Up tp him it was definitely a really good choice.

Introducing North Jaime 2012

Everybody who is kitesurfing for more than 5-6 years should know that the Jaime is the longest running and best selling twin tip model of all times. It has all-round performance and ability to adapt to a huge range of conditions, incredible smooth feel through choppy water and really soft landing. The board produces explosive pop similar to more powerful new school kiteboards. All this is probably mostly due to the fact that Jaime (the man him self) continues to relentlessly strive year after year to refine and improve him model not only for his own personal enjoyment and progression as a rider, but to please all those loyal fans out there.

The North Jaime 2012 features a moderate outline, double V-botton, and a new track system that allows you to adjust your stance to your exact preference. People who tested it report a very smooth, predictable and stable ride, good jumping and upwind performance, and excellent turning. Jaime should suit a wide range of riders and conditions very well.
The North Jaime 2012 comes in 4 sizes:

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