Virgin is the main sponsor of the World Kiteboarding Championships

The best thing in the kitesurfing world has happened. One of the biggest fans of that extreme water sport sir Richard Branson finished the negotiations with the association of the profetional kitesurf competitors PKRA last week. They signed contract for sponsorship.

The contract can be for 5,10 and more years. This will definitely help our favorite sport to become more popular and desired. Because of Richard Branson and the way he guides his companies “Virgin Atlantic Airbus”, ”Virgin Mobile”, ‘Virgin Interactive” and ”Virgin Galactic” we can really expect big boom in kitesurfing industry – more competitions, bigger audience on the beach and in front of the Tv’s, bigger prize funds, kitesurfing equipment producers: RRD, Cabrinha, Best Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding, Shinn, Nobile, Ocean Rodeo, Naish, Liquid Force … will aim to have more and better models and in general the sport will grow faster. After that strong support by Richard Branson to PKRA, it can be only a dream but the kitesurfing sport can get in to the Olympics for real this time and not only with the discipline Course Race but also with the freestyle discipline in favor of the bigger audience interest.

Dakhla 2015 - photo courtesy of Hugo Valente

World contest schedule 2015 Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

Dakhla Kitesurfing World Championships
Dakhla, Morocco – 23 to 29 March

Leucate Kitesurfing World Championships
Leucate, France – 18 to 26 April

Egypt Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned – Egypt 1 to 31 May

Cabarete Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Dominican Republic 1 to 30 June

Costa Brava Junior Kitesurfing Cup
Costa Brava, Spain 26 Jun to 2 July

Tarifa Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Spain 1 to 31 July

Fuerteventura Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Spain 1 to 31 July

St. Peter Ording Kitesurfing World Championships
St. Peter Ording, Germany 21 to 30 August

Brazil Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Brazil 1 to 30 September

Argentina Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Argentina 1 to 31 October

Hainan Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned China 1 to 30 November

Cape Town Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned South Africa 1 to 31 December

The new website of Prokitetour is – Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

Ion Ballistic – The best kitesurf boots

best boots ballisticI practice kitesurfing for about 15 years now. The reason I didn’t do kitesurfing during the winter months was the cold temperature of the water. I tried boots from different brands during the years but my feet were always cold. I solved the problem this year after I bought for myself Ion Ballistic 6/5 @SurfPM.
I tested them 3 times in the sea with average temperature of the water 3-4C, air 6-7C. It was the first time when my feet were warm after I finished my sessions in the cold water. The boots Ion Ballistic 6/5 are really nice, they fit to my feet extremely good, my feet do not slip inside the boots and the most important thing for me and people with cold extremities of the body, my feet are always warm. It makes my kitesurf sessions in cold water much pleasant.

happy customer: S. A.

Chapter One – The biggest kitesurf movie in history

pro kitesurf riders

We saw a few really good kitesurfing movies like F-One Antandroy during the last years, also some unique short movies like Calibrate, Aspire Kiteboarding & Revolve with Aaron Hadlow but it was never done a full length movie with so many kitesurfing stars all together: Kevin Langeree, Keahi De Aboitiz, Ruben Lenten, Youri Zoon, Robby Naish, Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, Jalou Langeree, Bruna Kajiya …

kitesurf mega jump board off

The project is named ChapterOne (this full-length movie shot in 4K) and it is launched in kickstarter. The budget needed for the realization is 100,000 $. The collected money up to the moment is 44,970 $. Everyone who is willing to help is more than welcome.
More info about the project “Chapter One” and what you will receive for your money you can get on the website: Kickstarter.

King of The Air – 48 Hour call!

The Yellow Light has Been Given for Red Bull King of The Air!
The Riders: Luke McGillewie, Ruben Lenten, Alexandre Neto, Tom Hebert, Aaron Hadlow, Antonin Rangin, Nico Etienne, Sam Light, Kevin Langeree, Johnno Scholte, Joshua Emanuel, Lewis Crathern, Lasse Walker, Kevin De Smidt, Tieme Tietveld, Sam Medysky, Billy Parker, Jerrie Van De Kop, Andries Fourie, Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Gianni Aragno and Teven Akkersdijk.

kite surfing king of the air


La Tribu – Kitesurf Center, Gokceada, Turkey

Kitesurf center La Tribu is located on the turkish island Gokceada.
It is open from the end of May until middle of september.

The Kitesurf Center offers:

Kitesurfing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students
– Renting equipment
– Professional kite repair (kites, bars, lines, harnesses and boards)
– Storage
– Wi-Fi

JP Universal Nose Protector

Made of EVA, the JP NOSE PROTECTOR UNI is a very light yet strong protection. It is easy to handle as it is simply glued to the nose. The set consists of 5 pieces: 2 side parts (one Left and one Right), and 3 connections in sizes Small, Medium and Large. By combining the two sides with the appropriate connection at the front, noses of almost all standard board sizes and shapes can be covered efficiently. This makes it an universal protector not only for JP boards but for all boards available on the market.

CONSTRUCTION: Top-, Middle- and Bottom Layer
The hard top plastic prevents scratches and spreads the load to the middle layer consisting of high density EVA, further disperses the energy to the soft, low density EVA Bottom Layer which absorbs the load.

a. Prepare the materials:
– Adhesive (glue): Contact glue (e.g. Pattex Classic), Epoxy based 2K glues (e.g. UHU plus), Super Glue (e.g. Loctite), or any water prove and UV-stable power adhesives (read the instruction of the glue carefully to ensure it works)
– Tape
– Pencil
– Squeegee
– Sandpaper (80-100)
– Protective gloves
– Cleaning material

b. How to choose the right size of the front part: The nose protector shall be positioned as close to the outline (rail) of the board as possible. Therefore the biggest fitting connection shall be used. Due to the soft material and the flexible construction, the left and right part can be adjusted by bending them into the right position (parallel along the outline
of the board) Mark the right position of the protector on the board with a pencil.

c. How to fix the Nose Protector on a windsurfing board:
Glue the left, right part and connection together, and wait until the glue is dry! The surface of board and protector shall be dry and free of any oil and dust. Clean with standard commercial substances (e.g. white spirit) and sand the surfaces if necessary. Read and follow the instruction of the used adhesive carefully. Apply the adhesive in the marked area and if requested as well onto the nose protector (e.g. with  Pattex). Put the Nose Protector into position (start from the nose) and press firmly. Fix it firmly with tape until the glue is totally dry. Remove the tape.


Cabrinha Kite plus Nobile Board – Packages On Sale!!!

Cabrinha kite and Nobile boardFall Clearance is here. Get a package: a kite and a kiteboard and save more than 200 euro. Surfpm is offering you 2 packages.
Cabrinha Kite Switchblade 2012 plus Nobile  NHP kiteboard 2012 only for 1159 euro
Cabrinha Kite Vector 2012 plus  Nobile T5 kiteboard2012 only for 1029 euro

In both offers kites are coming with bars and line and the boards are coming with straps/pads, fins, grab handle and etc.

Airsup RRD 2012 – available now!

RRD AirSup 2012

The first ever RRD inflatable SUP board. Designed and built to be used everywhere, by anyone. Great new improvement on the design of the two PVC skins and the inner cores, you can inflate the board up to 18 psi ( 1,2 bars) making the boards really nice and stiff.
A great new board technology that will make a big impact on the future of our sports.
–  Inflatable cross linked deck and bottom structure with HD PVC taped rails.
–  The new inflating technolgy that allows to use a high pressure up to 1,1 bars.
–  The stiffest/strongest inflatable structure ever built.
Equipped with a carrying bag, hi pressure special pump and repair kit. Elastic rope for drybag on the nose, tail leash ring, middle carry handle, nose towing ring.

Available size: 10’2″ x 32 x 4’1/2″ – 180Lts