SUP Hydro Foil – This is the future!

For nearly ten years hydrofoil conquered almost all surf sports, first walked through the surf, Laird Hamilton is one of the legends in this sport who spent a lot of time on this innovation and filmed many videos riding big waves with surf-hydrofoil. Then the hydrofoil and passed through kiteboarding – many kiters fans of cross-race have followed the new fashion, also many hydrofoil competitions have been organized already. Some even try freestyle tricks and megaloops, but for us it seems like jumping with a wardrobe ;), everyone chooses what gives him more adrenaline, though. A few months ago we saw the first attempts of windsurf foil, but at the end of last week we saw something very different: Naish’s paddle hydrofoil. It’s soooo different and impressive like seeing the hoverboard of Lexus, but on water.

sup hydro foil

In the video you will see how the 6-time world champion Padle Kai Lenny Downwind SUP Hydro Foiling super elegantly and as if with no gravity moves above the water with innovative Padleboard foil of Naish. To stand above the water the new foil paddle-board does not need very large waves, making it very attractive for all fans! We expect in the near future this to be a top seller in stores for surf equipment, at a reasonable price of course.

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