Transparent Kiteboard – Aroona KTR

transparent kiteboardFor 15 years, since kitesurfing became famous, we saw all sorts of designs and models of boards, even the last 2-3 years we see foil-kite more often, but we have really dreamed to try an absolutely transparent board (see Makboard Clear Snowbaord). This is already a fact, made for Aroona KTR, only pads and straps are not transparent.
If you ride such a kiteboard, the feeling will be like without board, the only disadvantage would be if you ride in rough seas with big waves – once you miss it, it would be very difficult to find it.

Whether the board characteristics are good or not, we do not know, but it’s definitely very effective and we surely want to try it. 😉

Video: The Aroona KTR Clear Board in action

King of the Air 2016 – Red Bull in Cape Town

A few days ago finished the long-awaited kitesurfing race of Red Bull in Cape Town KingOfTheAir 2016. Wind was not brutal and there weren’t any amazing jumps high above 22-24m, but having in mind these conditions, it was a perfect race, there were fantastic jumps with megaloop, KGB, back mobe, handle pass, board off …

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull

Here is the prize list:
1. Aaron Hadllow – north kiteboarding, ion (this is his second trophy KingOfTheAir)
2. Kevin Langeree – naish, o’neill (2014 winner)
3. Jesse Richman – skycatch, naish (who won in 2013)

© Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull

Video highlight from RedBull – KingOfTheAir:

Enjoy this action clip from the Red Bull King of the Air full of epic kiteboarding!

The final day of Red Bull King of the Air 2016 – ON DEMAND

100KM of crazy snowkiting @ Ragnarok

One of the biggest event in the kitesurfing (snowkiting) world started yesterday. It may not be the biggest but it is definitely the one with the most competitors.
The snowkite event Ragnarok (Fate of the Gods) will be organized by Red Bull in the period 9th-12th of April in Haugastøl, Norway. More than 300 competitors will participate, they will push their limits and endurance trying to beat the hard conditions in Norway where the winter in still not gone.

Photo by Sebastian Marko

More info, photos and videos from the kitesurf competition you can find on the website: RedBull-Ragnarok.

Virgin is the main sponsor of the World Kiteboarding Championships

The best thing in the kitesurfing world has happened. One of the biggest fans of that extreme water sport sir Richard Branson finished the negotiations with the association of the profetional kitesurf competitors PKRA last week. They signed contract for sponsorship.

The contract can be for 5,10 and more years. This will definitely help our favorite sport to become more popular and desired. Because of Richard Branson and the way he guides his companies “Virgin Atlantic Airbus”, ”Virgin Mobile”, ‘Virgin Interactive” and ”Virgin Galactic” we can really expect big boom in kitesurfing industry – more competitions, bigger audience on the beach and in front of the Tv’s, bigger prize funds, kitesurfing equipment producers: RRD, Cabrinha, Best Kiteboarding, North Kiteboarding, Shinn, Nobile, Ocean Rodeo, Naish, Liquid Force … will aim to have more and better models and in general the sport will grow faster. After that strong support by Richard Branson to PKRA, it can be only a dream but the kitesurfing sport can get in to the Olympics for real this time and not only with the discipline Course Race but also with the freestyle discipline in favor of the bigger audience interest.

Dakhla 2015 - photo courtesy of Hugo Valente

World contest schedule 2015 Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

Dakhla Kitesurfing World Championships
Dakhla, Morocco – 23 to 29 March

Leucate Kitesurfing World Championships
Leucate, France – 18 to 26 April

Egypt Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned – Egypt 1 to 31 May

Cabarete Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Dominican Republic 1 to 30 June

Costa Brava Junior Kitesurfing Cup
Costa Brava, Spain 26 Jun to 2 July

Tarifa Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Spain 1 to 31 July

Fuerteventura Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Spain 1 to 31 July

St. Peter Ording Kitesurfing World Championships
St. Peter Ording, Germany 21 to 30 August

Brazil Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Brazil 1 to 30 September

Argentina Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned Argentina 1 to 31 October

Hainan Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned China 1 to 30 November

Cape Town Kitesurfing World Championships
*Planned South Africa 1 to 31 December

The new website of Prokitetour is – Virgin Kitesurf World Championships

La Tribu – Kitesurf Center, Gokceada, Turkey

Kitesurf center La Tribu is located on the turkish island Gokceada.
It is open from the end of May until middle of september.

The Kitesurf Center offers:

Kitesurfing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students
– Renting equipment
– Professional kite repair (kites, bars, lines, harnesses and boards)
– Storage
– Wi-Fi

Cabrinha Kite plus Nobile Board – Packages On Sale!!!

Cabrinha kite and Nobile boardFall Clearance is here. Get a package: a kite and a kiteboard and save more than 200 euro. Surfpm is offering you 2 packages.
Cabrinha Kite Switchblade 2012 plus Nobile  NHP kiteboard 2012 only for 1159 euro
Cabrinha Kite Vector 2012 plus  Nobile T5 kiteboard2012 only for 1029 euro

In both offers kites are coming with bars and line and the boards are coming with straps/pads, fins, grab handle and etc.

The North Evo 2012

The North Evo 2012 is a 5 strut-low aspect-delta-style kite and is targeted as an all around kite. TKB testers commented that Evo is super stable, it has medium bar pressure, and is unbelievable easy to relaunch.They also reported medium turning speed, great low end power, and very good jumping performance. This is a very easy and fun kite to fly and a lot of riders will be able to immediatly feel comfortable on. The Evo uses the North 4 line trust bar which is very similar to the same bar North has been using for a few seasons. It features a push-away quick release , below bar swivel, above bar depower cleat, adjustable stopper, and is adjustable to accomodate different kite sizes
Evo 2012


Alex Pastor spending winter days in Tarifa !!!

Alex Pastor (2010 and 2011 Vice World Kitesurfing Champiom) Suit Days at Home

Shot in Tarifa during 3 days in this winter.
He usually travels somewhere warm during the off season but but this year he decided he would give his home spot a try. He was surprised with good conditions. Up tp him it was definitely a really good choice.