King of the Air 2016 – Red Bull in Cape Town

A few days ago finished the long-awaited kitesurfing race of Red Bull in Cape Town KingOfTheAir 2016. Wind was not brutal and there weren’t any amazing jumps high above 22-24m, but having in mind these conditions, it was a perfect race, there were fantastic jumps with megaloop, KGB, back mobe, handle pass, board off …

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull

Here is the prize list:
1. Aaron Hadllow – north kiteboarding, ion (this is his second trophy KingOfTheAir)
2. Kevin Langeree – naish, o’neill (2014 winner)
3. Jesse Richman – skycatch, naish (who won in 2013)

© Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull

Video highlight from RedBull – KingOfTheAir:

Enjoy this action clip from the Red Bull King of the Air full of epic kiteboarding!

The final day of Red Bull King of the Air 2016 – ON DEMAND

100KM of crazy snowkiting @ Ragnarok

One of the biggest event in the kitesurfing (snowkiting) world started yesterday. It may not be the biggest but it is definitely the one with the most competitors.
The snowkite event Ragnarok (Fate of the Gods) will be organized by Red Bull in the period 9th-12th of April in Haugastøl, Norway. More than 300 competitors will participate, they will push their limits and endurance trying to beat the hard conditions in Norway where the winter in still not gone.

Photo by Sebastian Marko

More info, photos and videos from the kitesurf competition you can find on the website: RedBull-Ragnarok.

King of The Air – 48 Hour call!

The Yellow Light has Been Given for Red Bull King of The Air!
The Riders: Luke McGillewie, Ruben Lenten, Alexandre Neto, Tom Hebert, Aaron Hadlow, Antonin Rangin, Nico Etienne, Sam Light, Kevin Langeree, Johnno Scholte, Joshua Emanuel, Lewis Crathern, Lasse Walker, Kevin De Smidt, Tieme Tietveld, Sam Medysky, Billy Parker, Jerrie Van De Kop, Andries Fourie, Jesse Richman, Nick Jacobsen, Gianni Aragno and Teven Akkersdijk.

kite surfing king of the air