Windyty – great website for Weather Forecast

It was time for someone to make a good visualization of the weather. The new website Windyty looks like website from the future when compared with windfinder, windguru and similar. Like most sites for weather forecasts and wind Windyty also takes the data from NOAA, but shows them with fantastic animation across the globe.

windyty surfpmCards that you can see are 5: for cloudiness, temperature, air pressure, raininess and most importantly for all kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers – the wind.
Forecast that loads is for 14 days and from the option for height you can see what the wind will be up to 13.5km range, but surfers are most excited by the wind on the ground, so the surface is marked by default.
Another interesting option is that there is a click map forecast and when you select the location for surfing except opening a detailed forecast, it also displays all available webcams near the spot.
Windyty fully deserves a place in your bookmark, the developers of this wonderful website launch mobile application for Android (and hopefully soon Iphone).