Top10 All-Time Kitesurf Big Air by Woo

Kitesurf Big Air Leaderboards | All-Time Woo Top10 | The Top-List is updated on 29th November.2017

1. Joshua Emanuel, 29.0 meters
2. Nick Jacobsen, 28.6 meters
3. Kevin Langeree, 28.3 meters
4. Gijs Wassenaar, 26.3 meters
5. Sebastien Cattelan, 26.2 meters
6. KSN Noordwijk, 26.1 meters
7. Ben van der Burg, 25.7 meters
8. Luke Thomas, 25.0 meters
9. Ross Player, 24.8 meters
10. Aaron Hadlow, 24.8 meters

top10 kitesurf mega jump

Last year the incredible 26m height was broken.
Since the beginning of this year, whether because of new kite outfits or because big-air riders got more skillful, but world records started to rain. Another one was made a few days ago from one of the best jumpers Nick Jacobsen, the spot is Witsand|South Africa, the wind was quite good for such jumps 45knt (it’s a pity that there wasn’t such a strong wind during KingOfTheAir 2017) and kitesurf equipment was Cabrinha Switchblade.
At this rate we expect very soon one of the professional kitesurfers to go above 30 meters!