The first official wetsuit by Quiksilver

Truewetsuits by Quiksilver – Video

When you are one of the big fish on the market you can make some experiments.
Quicksilver proved in the time that they can dictate the surfing fashion and a while ago they announced that they will release the first official wetsuit Тruewetsuits which you can use not only in the water. You can wear it anywhere, you can even go to work with it. Meanwhile you can go surfing.

It is not a lie. The wetsuit thickness is 2mm and it is made with the latest technologies. There is three color options: Black, Navy, and Tuxedo. The price is ¥300,000 which is approximately 2400$. It is sold only in Japanese online store of Quicksilver for now.
The wetsuit can be used only from the surfers at the moment. There will be a new design for all the kitesurfers and windsurfers because It is not ok to get it wrinkled when you put the harness on. 😉
If you want to get the attention of all the girls on the beach – Truewetsuits is the key. 😉

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