Kitesurfing Challenge 2016 at Gokceada

volkite challenge 3

Last week the third Kitesurf Challenge on Gokceada island, Turkey, organized from Volkite Kitesurf Scool, took place.
The short video shot during the laps competition start on the East side of the island was kindly granted at our disposal from Stanislav Mateev.

SUP Hydro Foil – This is the future!

For nearly ten years hydrofoil conquered almost all surf sports, first walked through the surf, Laird Hamilton is one of the legends in this sport who spent a lot of time on this innovation and filmed many videos riding big waves with surf-hydrofoil. Then the hydrofoil and passed through kiteboarding – many kiters fans of cross-race have followed the new fashion, also many hydrofoil competitions have been organized already. Some even try freestyle tricks and megaloops, but for us it seems like jumping with a wardrobe ;), everyone chooses what gives him more adrenaline, though. A few months ago we saw the first attempts of windsurf foil, but at the end of last week we saw something very different: Naish’s paddle hydrofoil. It’s soooo different and impressive like seeing the hoverboard of Lexus, but on water.

sup hydro foil

In the video you will see how the 6-time world champion Padle Kai Lenny Downwind SUP Hydro Foiling super elegantly and as if with no gravity moves above the water with innovative Padleboard foil of Naish. To stand above the water the new foil paddle-board does not need very large waves, making it very attractive for all fans! We expect in the near future this to be a top seller in stores for surf equipment, at a reasonable price of course.

Watch full video:

Transparent Kiteboard – Aroona KTR

transparent kiteboardFor 15 years, since kitesurfing became famous, we saw all sorts of designs and models of boards, even the last 2-3 years we see foil-kite more often, but we have really dreamed to try an absolutely transparent board (see Makboard Clear Snowbaord). This is already a fact, made for Aroona KTR, only pads and straps are not transparent.
If you ride such a kiteboard, the feeling will be like without board, the only disadvantage would be if you ride in rough seas with big waves – once you miss it, it would be very difficult to find it.

Whether the board characteristics are good or not, we do not know, but it’s definitely very effective and we surely want to try it. 😉

Video: The Aroona KTR Clear Board in action

RedBull Snow-Kiteboarding Ragnarok 2016

Most kites gathered at one place can be seen only in RedBull Ragnarok (Hardangervidda Norway) competition. Last week more than 350 competitors participated and for two days they nominated  the King and Queen of snow kiteboarding. Best time for the 5-lap distance was 4.30h and from all the snowkite riders only 22 managed to pass the final line.
Prize places in RedBull 2016 are for:

red bull ragnarok

RedBull photo by Hakon Maeland

Ski Woman
1. Bridge Steph
2. Ringvold Camilla
3. Georguieva Eugenia

Snowboard Woman
1. Mayrand Marie-Eve
2. Nore Marit
3. Jungo Manuela

Ski Men
1. Gruber Florian
2. Kaupang Bjorn
3. Kersten Felix

Snowboard Man
1. Martel Peter
2. Gehrer Reinhold
3. Barker Josh

RedBull snowkiteboarding

RedBull photo by Daniel Tengs

350 kites in the sky is surely an impressive view!

Read more and see all results @

Windyty – great website for Weather Forecast

It was time for someone to make a good visualization of the weather. The new website Windyty looks like website from the future when compared with windfinder, windguru and similar. Like most sites for weather forecasts and wind Windyty also takes the data from NOAA, but shows them with fantastic animation across the globe.

windyty surfpmCards that you can see are 5: for cloudiness, temperature, air pressure, raininess and most importantly for all kitesurfers, windsurfers and surfers – the wind.
Forecast that loads is for 14 days and from the option for height you can see what the wind will be up to 13.5km range, but surfers are most excited by the wind on the ground, so the surface is marked by default.
Another interesting option is that there is a click map forecast and when you select the location for surfing except opening a detailed forecast, it also displays all available webcams near the spot.
Windyty fully deserves a place in your bookmark, the developers of this wonderful website launch mobile application for Android (and hopefully soon Iphone).

King of the Air 2016 – Red Bull in Cape Town

A few days ago finished the long-awaited kitesurfing race of Red Bull in Cape Town KingOfTheAir 2016. Wind was not brutal and there weren’t any amazing jumps high above 22-24m, but having in mind these conditions, it was a perfect race, there were fantastic jumps with megaloop, KGB, back mobe, handle pass, board off …

© Kolesky/Nikon/Red Bull

Here is the prize list:
1. Aaron Hadllow – north kiteboarding, ion (this is his second trophy KingOfTheAir)
2. Kevin Langeree – naish, o’neill (2014 winner)
3. Jesse Richman – skycatch, naish (who won in 2013)

© Tyrone Bradley/Red Bull

Video highlight from RedBull – KingOfTheAir:

Enjoy this action clip from the Red Bull King of the Air full of epic kiteboarding!

The final day of Red Bull King of the Air 2016 – ON DEMAND

ION NeilPride Prolimit and RRD – Wetsuits for cold weather

The days are getting colder and colder. For those who chilly temperatures of air and water are not an abstacle for practicing their favorite extreme water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing – in SurfPM online store we have reduced prices almost double of most surf wetsuits.
Wetsuit neoprenes models for cold weather are of brands like NeilPride, Prolimit and Ion:

rrd ion neilpride wetsuits

Ion Wetsuit – Onyx Semidry Front Zip 5/4 DL 2013 Men 46/XS 299.99€ NOW – 149.99€
Ion Wetsuit – Strike Semidry 4,5 DL 2013 Men 46/XS 429.00€ NOW – 169.99€
Ion Wetsuit – Fuse Drysuit 4/3 DL 2015 Men – 52/L 699.99€ NOW – 489.99€
RRD Wetsuit – Celsius Chest Zip 5/3 2013 Men 98/MT 349.00€ NOW – 169.99€
NP Wetsuit – Origin SD 5/3 2013 Men 52/L 269.00€ NOW – 189.99€
Prolimit Wetsuit – Global Steamer Mesh 5/3 Men 217.00€ NOW – 109.99€

If you also don’t have boots, we recommend Ion Ballistic 6/5 boots – a few months ago we wrote about them on our blog.
Ion Ballistic 6/5 are really incredibly warm boots! Personally tested by our team in the cold February weather of 2015 with temperatures of air and water not more than 5-7⁰
Hurry, because the number of surf wetsuits in SurfPM warehouse is sensibly decreasing.

Used kiteboards and kites from SurfPM

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for equipment, now’s the time to buy second-hand boards and kites in good shape, models 2014-15 prices from 200-300€ from SurfPM.
Naish – Torch, Dub / RRD Passon MKVI, Emotion MKI, Passion / North Kiteboarding – Dice, Rebel, Vegas / Ocean Rodeo – Mako freeride / Cabrinha – Prodigy, Trigger.

used kites second hand

RRD Religion MK6 2016 – Synonymous of WAVE

kitesurfing durankolak november

Over the weekend storm hit our coast with very strong wind, ideal for kitesurf and windsurfing. Extremely warm for November, with temperatures up to 23-24s, sunny and very nice, weather was perfect for riding and testing some new 2016 model from the kites that arrived in SurfPM.
We took with us the new RRD kite for 2016: Religion MK6 (official video Religion – synonymous of WAVE) 8m, and to make a comparison, we took also two older models from 2014-15.
In Durankolak everything was perfect + lots of sun, only the wind was very variable – from 14k to 34knts. We drove both days for several hours, but with such big gusts we cannot yet say what RRD Religion 2016 is better with than the previous models. The plus we saw immediately was the bag, made of waterproof material and designed so that you could be put it on the car seat – a perfect option for going straight home with the neoprene, without changing clothes in cold weather.
Hopefully we’d again have the opportunity for kitesurf tests before Christmas.

kitesurf duran