Ion Ballistic – The best kitesurf boots

best boots ballisticI practice kitesurfing for about 15 years now. The reason I didn’t do kitesurfing during the winter months was the cold temperature of the water. I tried boots from different brands during the years but my feet were always cold. I solved the problem this year after I bought for myself Ion Ballistic 6/5 @SurfPM.
I tested them 3 times in the sea with average temperature of the water 3-4C, air 6-7C. It was the first time when my feet were warm after I finished my sessions in the cold water. The boots Ion Ballistic 6/5 are really nice, they fit to my feet extremely good, my feet do not slip inside the boots and the most important thing for me and people with cold extremities of the body, my feet are always warm. It makes my kitesurf sessions in cold water much pleasant.

happy customer: S. A.

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