ION NeilPride Prolimit and RRD – Wetsuits for cold weather

The days are getting colder and colder. For those who chilly temperatures of air and water are not an abstacle for practicing their favorite extreme water sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing – in SurfPM online store we have reduced prices almost double of most surf wetsuits.
Wetsuit neoprenes models for cold weather are of brands like NeilPride, Prolimit and Ion:

rrd ion neilpride wetsuits

Ion Wetsuit – Onyx Semidry Front Zip 5/4 DL 2013 Men 46/XS 299.99€ NOW – 149.99€
Ion Wetsuit – Strike Semidry 4,5 DL 2013 Men 46/XS 429.00€ NOW – 169.99€
Ion Wetsuit – Fuse Drysuit 4/3 DL 2015 Men – 52/L 699.99€ NOW – 489.99€
RRD Wetsuit – Celsius Chest Zip 5/3 2013 Men 98/MT 349.00€ NOW – 169.99€
NP Wetsuit – Origin SD 5/3 2013 Men 52/L 269.00€ NOW – 189.99€
Prolimit Wetsuit – Global Steamer Mesh 5/3 Men 217.00€ NOW – 109.99€

If you also don’t have boots, we recommend Ion Ballistic 6/5 boots – a few months ago we wrote about them on our blog.
Ion Ballistic 6/5 are really incredibly warm boots! Personally tested by our team in the cold February weather of 2015 with temperatures of air and water not more than 5-7⁰
Hurry, because the number of surf wetsuits in SurfPM warehouse is sensibly decreasing.